3D- Memory

For memory I wanted to look at mother-daughter relationships, themes of care, intimacy, tenderness, nostalgia and the difference between providing basic care and acts of love.

I very vivid memory I have of being younger is having my hair washed by my Mum. Up until a certain point this would have been her providing basic care, but past an age when I was able to do it myself, it would have been an act of love and care. I now think having your hair washed is really intimate.

I knew I wanted to use performance, and was interested in collaborative performance. I felt the involvement of other people would mean it wasn’t just about my personal experiences and relationship with my Mum. I also wanted to use it to communicate how throughout life, you subconsciously search for your Mum in relationships and friendships with people to an extent. Or, at least, your Mum has the most significant impact upon your attachment style and the way you form relationships with other people.

I eventually decided I wanted to do a series of collaborative performances, with specific people, in which they would wash my hair for me. I wanted them to contribute to the performance in some way, I gave them complete creative control over exactly how they would contribute, whether it was by reciting a poem, talking about a specific memory, including objects of significance etc. Each one happens in a different bathroom, documented by using a tripod and camera to film.

The overall idea is mine, and the series itself is my work. I invited people to participate in the project, yet each individual performance is collaborative.



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