A Montage of Luv




Presentation of work

I want to make an installation with the work I’m making. I want the video to be a part of the space, rather than just on a tv, so I’m imagining using a projector to display my video within a dark space, using speakers to get the audio quite loud. If the lights need to be on within the installation booths, then I will tint them using red and pink tissue paper or gel lighting. If I’m able to get a dark space then I might use the strip lighting bought for Epoch 8, which has different colour settings to make the space more atmospheric.

I attempted to create a rough idea of what I want the installation to look like, although it will be much more considered than this.


I want to have the strip lighting running along the bottom of the wall around the booth facing upwards to get the red tint on the walls. I will also be displaying the books within the space.

1st Draft video


This is my first rough go at the video compilation. I’d like for it to be slightly longer than this, originally I was going to aim for it to be just under 30 minutes, but I no longer feel that it needs to be that long.

The performance piece of me and Beth stuck out when I first put it in as the rest of the footage has time stamps, so I put another layer of found footage over the top which makes it visually more coherent with the rest of the video. I’m not sure what to do about the lack of audio for this section, I tried pairing it with music but felt it made it too obvious, like I was spelling out to the audience how they were meant to feel while watching it.

I’m not completely happy with the editing in some parts, especially near the end, but will tidy this up.



Found footage of ocean and a typical symbol of love; roses. The audio is a song called The Love Club by Lorde, which I slowed down and reversed so it fitted more the motion of the waves. This is the type of thing I mean when I talk about creating a sense of something. I think I prefer this much more than the one of Beth singing because of the movement paired with the audio.

I want to make something that’s almost hypnotic, or mesmerising, so the viewer becomes slightly consumed by it. I think that this clip is starting to touch upon that.


After struggling for a while to make new work, I’ve decided I want to build up a mass of information that communicates anything to do with any aspect of love. I’m doing this in the form of a video compilation made up of found footage, interviews, my own performance/video works and found/recorded audio. I feel like this is a good task to get me more stuck into the project as I haven’t felt fully engaged with it. The books I’ve made/will make also relate to this, the themes will be intertwining throughout both works.

This video is made from found footage of the ocean, which I think is a good representation of the immensity of love and the feeling of it, making it a difficult subject to tackle and define. The audio over the top is taken from one of my hair-washing performances with Beth, where she sang a song from her childhood in relation to her mother.

I think eventually I may pair the books and the video together, potentially as a final piece for this project. I will consider installation ideas later.


2nd Book


Once my book binding materials arrived, I begun preparing the covers for another book. I bought dark red paper, often the colour most associated with love/sex, and paper with flower petals inside in. I also used tissue paper in between each page inside, which not only bulks out the amount of pages so it’s easier to bind, but I also adds a delicateness to the inside.

The book contains a variation of adverts from the ‘missed connections’ section on Craigslist, which I copied into a word document and changed the layout, font and colour for each paragraph. The content of each advert is quite different, but all serves the purpose of attempting to find someone. Some of the ads are written with what seems like a heartfelt yearning for the other person, whereas others are of a much more sexually explicit nature. I found it interesting to scroll through the mass of voices calling out for their ‘missed connections’,  whether it be just the physical connections of bodies or emotional connections, and the act that you never get to know if they found who their looking for.

It raises questions of where it is that we look for love and affection, and possibly says something about desperation. I liked pairing the badly written adverts, found on a site which has recently been scrutinised and called out for it’s passive support of the illegal sex industry, and sex trafficking, with a thoughtful and romantic aesthetic of the hand-bound book.

Cut Fold Bind

I took part in a free book binding workshop at the Fruitmarket gallery for a duration of 2 days. We were taught a couple varied stitches and ways to bind both hardback and paper cover books, for the most part of the second day we were left to use the provided materials in any way we wanted.

I wanted to make something relevant to my project, but struggled to think of anything new to draw/write. I decided that I already had everything I needed to put into the book, and used selected my notes and scribbles already in my sketchbook. I have been writing a lot of short sentences attempting to put many of my thoughts into words, and I feel that they are strong enough to be presented as art. Art is often responses to certain themes or concepts, and these short bits of text are exactly that.

I used a type writer to type out my notes on various types of paper, which I bound with a hardback cover.


I really enjoyed the process of book binding and found it almost meditative. I think this is a good medium for me as I use a lot of text to communicate ideas. I can imagine making more of these, potentially as a part of a series, all connected to the variation of ideas around love and the tangents off from it.

I’ve ordered a cheap book binding starter kit online and will start to write down ideas for content.


Green Room


Green Room was a performance event (which was a part of GY festival) run by a group of female artists. Rachael Simpson invited me to perform at the event which consisted only of female performers.

Up until this point I had only done a performance piece in front of a full audience a couple of times, which was with other participants. I had never performed anything solo so doing this felt very daunting and a bit ambitious.

After reflecting upon my piece I made for Generator, I realised I was really unsatisfied with the honesty of it. I didn’t really mean/believe the compliments I gave myself, and saying them aloud felt uncomfortable and forced, so I decided to make something in response to that. This work is about having a lot of empathy for others, yet having very little compassion or affection for myself.

I began my performance at Green Room unannounced, starting by sewing my hands together, in effect binding them. Placed on one side of the room was a bowl of water, with a potted plant on the opposite side, both on the floor. I walked back and forth, getting down on my knees to transport the water using my mouth, and little by little, watering the plant on the floor. Feeding the plant using my mouth resembled a mother bird feeding it’s young.

Video: Practicing idea of feeding plant using my mouth before Green Room

After doing this several times, I pulled my hands apart and handed out masks of my own face to members of the audience. After everyone put them on, I handed out one by one strips of paper with text for people to read out loud to me. The sentences I handed out were meant to replicate a variation of both positive and critical internal thought, read to me by different versions of myself, showing a rapid fluctuation of self-worth and optimism. They were all relatively ambiguously written as I didn’t want to make it overly literal, and sounded like they could have made a poem all together.